Pretenders : Uk singles 1979-1981

Pretenders: Uk singles 1979-1981

Uk singles 1979-1981



Black Friday 2019
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This year marks the 40th Anniversary since the Pretenders debut single was released and to celebrate we are releasing the band’s first eight 7” singles from their first two albums: “Pretenders” and “Pretenders II” for Black Friday.
Featuring the band’s first ever single, and cover of the Kinks classic – “Stop Your Sobbing”, through to their eighth single another Kinks cover – “I Go To Sleep”. Also includes “Brass In Pocket,” “Kid,” “Message Of Love” & “Talk Of The Town”.
Limited to 3500 copies worldwide.

1 – A. Stop Your Sobbing / B. The Wait (Original Version) single only
2 – A. Kid / B. Tattooed Love Boys
3 – A. Brass In Pocket / B1. Swinging London (Single Only) / B2. Nervous But Shy (Single Only).
4 – A. Talk Of The Town (Single Version) / B. Cuban Slide (Single Only)
5 – A. Message Of Love / B. Porcelain (Single Only)
6 – A. What You Gonna Do About It (Flexi only) / B. Stop Your Sobbin’ (Demo) (Flexi only)
7 – A. Day After Day (Single Version) / B. In The Sticks (Single Only)
8 – A. I Go To Sleep / B1. The English Roses (Live) /. B2. Louie Louie (Live)

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