V/A : Hits of '77

V/A: Hits of '77

Hits of '77


2CD 21,99 €

original album plus bonus tracks

Toimitusaika n. 2-5 arkipäivää.

Voit myös tilata tämän tuotteen noudettavaksi lähimmästä Levykauppa Äxästä. Tämä tapahtuu siirtämällä tuote ostoskoriin ja valitsemalla kassalla tilauksen nouto kaupalta.


- 1 – 1. Up Park Camp Turnel McCormack & the Cordells 2. Without Love Hell & Fire 3. Girl I Love You Turnel McCormack & the Cordells 4. I’m Still In Love Maureen Pearson 5. Run For Your Life Earth & Stone 6. Jah Jah See Dem a Come Earth & Stone 7. Anywhere You Want To Go Calman Scott 8. Ghetto Girl the Fantells 9. Ballistic Affair Ronnie Davis 10. Things and Time the Itals 11. Pickney Have a Pickney Well Pleased & Satisfied 12. Natty Dub It In a Dreamland Mr Bojangles 13. Where is That Love Hell & Fire 14. Jeremiah the Prince Brothers 15. Stormy Weather Bobby Ellis & the Revolutionaries 16. Sitting Here In Limbo Al Brown 17. African Book King Vupp 18. Hold Them Astley Bennett 19. Sweetie Come From America Well Pleased & Satisfied 20. Mind You Business the Mellow Lads 21. Merry Go Round U Roy 22. If We Had Love Eric Tello – 2 – 1. No Time To Lose Earth & Stone 2. Chat Chat Well Pleased & Satisfied 3. Fig Root Reggae George 4. Shank I Sheck Bobby Ellis & the Revolutionaries 5. Shine Eye Gal Ranking Joe 6. Ram Jam the Prince Brothers 7. Making Love Enos McLeod 8. Conference Table Delroy Wilson 9. Married Woman David Apple 10. Give Me Some More Jimmy Riley 11. Rucumbine King Vupp 12. El Bamba the Revolutionaries 13. Wake Up Everybody O.C. Roberts 14. An Aim In View Roman Stewart 15. Live Out the 70s the Survivors 16. Party Tonight Country Joe 17. Reggae Feeling the Puzzle People 18. Election Derby Mr Bojangles 19. Where It’s At Ken Quatty 20. Lava the Soul Syndicate 21. The Children a Cry Owen Gray 22. When a Child is Born Eric Tello

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