Ahbez, Eden

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  • Ahbez, Eden : Eden's island

    The classic – and only - album release from the man who wrote the massive selling ‘Nature Boy’ as made famous by Nat ‘King’ Cole and covered by everyone from Sinatra and Esquivel to Nick Cave. A masterpiece of easy listening that has inspired chill-out compilations around the globe, not to mention a better way of looking at the world, ‘Eden’s Island’ is pure exotica on one dozen beautifully-crafted songs. Plus the A-side of his only single release, ‘Tobago’ and the only recording of his ‘Nature Boy’ suite along with nine other Ahbez-penned slices of exotica.

    Toimitusaika n. 3-25 arkipäivää.

    14,99 € Osta

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