Pink Floyd : The Wall Before And After

Pink Floyd: The Wall Before And After

The Wall Before And After

Pink Floyd

DVD 13,99 €

Toimitusaika n. 2-3 viikkoa.

Voit myös tilata tämän tuotteen noudettavaksi lähimmästä Levykauppa Äxästä. Tämä tapahtuu siirtämällä tuote ostoskoriin ja valitsemalla kassalla tilauksen nouto kaupalta.


This film investigates just how The Wall emerged, the hidden stories surrounding its preparation, recording, delayed release and reception and how it, in many ways, led to the longest hiatus in rock music, keeping Floyd’s mainstays, Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour, apart for over 20 years before they finally shared a stage again together in 2006.

Featuring rare studio and live footage, exclusive and archive interviews, contributions from those close to the band at the time and a host of other features which all together make for the finest film yet on this enormous piece of work.

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