Luaka Bop

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World x 1985 x Poista valinnat

  • Onyeabor, William : Anything You Sow

    Available for the first time as individual vinyl LP. William Onyeabor's records came one after another, almost every year: Crashes in Love 1977, Atomic Bomb 1978, Tomorrow 1979, Body and Soul 1980, Great Lover 1981, Hypertension 1982, Good Name 1983, Anything You Sow 1985. After Anything You Sow, his most successful album, he stopped making records. Anything You Sow, is pretty religious as it is but he felt that he wasn't direct enough in his proselytizing, (I am paraphrasing here what he has said) It is also his most electronic. And interestingly enough it sounds the most like the new album he is working on for us due out sometime... next year? Who knows.

    Toimitusaika n. 3-10 arkipäivää.

    Luaka Bop
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