LaVey, Anton Szandor : Die Satanische Bibel

LaVey, Anton Szandor: Die Satanische Bibel

Die Satanische Bibel

LaVey, Anton Szandor

Index Verlag
INDEX 006, 9783936878066
5CD 27,99 €

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Toimitusaika n. 3-4 viikkoa.

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For the first time on audio book – THE SATANIC BIBLE!
This recently released audio book contains the basic work of ’s Church Of Satan , THE SATANIC BIBLE. In this work, Anton Szandor LaVey summarizes his insights and convictions regarding Satanism, which he gained during his extraordinary life as organist, lion tamer, criminologist, actor, magician and by his extensive studies of the Black Arts.
Apart from the Nine Satanic Statements and Anton Szandor LaVey’s philosophical thoughts on subjects such as love, hate, sex, and death, the book contains many practical suggestions for everyday life, for example when dealing with psychic vampires or the law of the jungle.
THE SATANIC BIBLE is impressively recited by Helmut Krauss, a distinguished German actor and voice actor, having dubbed actors such as Marlon Brando, Jean Reno, and Samuel L. Jackson. With his full, unmistakable voice, he creates a fitting framework for LaVey’s thoughts.
Another highlight of this audio book are the original recordings of four satanic rituals of the German branch of the Church Of Satan . Apart from the evocation of demons and the statement of the desired goal, these also contain the recital of the Enochian Key useful for the ritual in question, whose brachial sound might lead to unforeseen reactions in the atmosphere.
A rather unusual listening experience! 311 minutes.

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