Westerlund, Janne : Bell

Westerlund, Janne: Bell


Westerlund, Janne

Ektro / Full Contact Records
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In the autumn of 2017 Janne Westerlund (also known from Circle, Pharaoh
Overlord, Plain Ride, and Sweetheart) made a decision of taking a
five-year recess from making music, but it was only a couple of months
later when he found himself recording the tracks that were to form ”Bell”.

The album is recorded during the snowless middle of the winter, mostly
in the middle of the night. The songs are carved out of the simple
necessity to give shape to the chaos of thoughts that was obsessing him
– and, not unlike on his previous albums, the silent and contemplative
utterance of a folky singer-songwriter is often backdropped by subtle
yet haunting elements, provided by the structure of the song itself, or
by his Plain Ride band mates, Anssi Hallio (drums) and Pekka
Jääskeläinen (guitar, keyboards).

The lyrics, as integral as ever, range from the apocalyptic snapshots of
Last of The Carnivals to the childlike imagery of Tall Ships. So Vast
The Fields of Sorrow, featuring Faith Coloccia on vocals, is the most
poignant example of the solemn exorcism that more or less infuses the
whole of this enigmatic album.

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