V/A : Slap that bass! - The story of Finnish rockabilly & 50's style rock'n'roll

V/A: Slap that bass! - The story of Finnish rockabilly & 50's style rock'n'roll

Slap that bass! - The story of Finnish rockabilly & 50's style rock'n'roll


4CD 49,99 €

Toimitusaika n. 2-5 arkipäivää.

Voit myös tilata tämän tuotteen noudettavaksi lähimmästä Levykauppa Äxästä. Tämä tapahtuu siirtämällä tuote ostoskoriin ja valitsemalla kassalla tilauksen nouto kaupalta.


cd 1 • 1979–1982

1. Teddy & The Tigers: Broken Heart
2. Buck Jones & His Rhythm Riders: Rockabilly Fever
3. Frankie & Lovers: I’m A Teddy Boy
4. The Mystery Train: Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby
5. Jam Rock Band: Where Are You Now Buddy Holly?
6. Rock Ola & The Blue Cats: Slap That Bass
7. Whiplash: Honey Bun
8. Buddy Rider ‘n’ The Black Bisons: The Train
9. Tuomari Nurmio & Köyhien ystävät: Just siks
10. Generals: Rockabilly Sound Again
11. Ducktails: Ballin’ Keen
12. Jumpin’ Paralyzers: Big Fat Mama’s Are Back In Style Again
13. Johnny & The Dodgers: Lonely Johnny
14. Freddie Falcon: Let’s Have A Party
15. The Aviators: Rodeo Daddy
16. Teddy Guitar: Swamp Fox
17. Buck Jones & His Lonestar Cowboys: Is The Blue
Moon Still Shining?
18. Kitty Lee: Can’t Stand The Nights Alone
19. Boppin Pete Trio: Feudin Boogie
20. The Slippers: Going Down That Road
21. The Lonestars: Are You From Dixie?
22. Falcons: Let’s Get Drunk Tonight
23. Red Hot: Gonna Be Gone
24. Golden Rocket: Rockin’ Rollin’
25. Cruisers: Find Somebody New
26. Eddie & Roxy: Rockabilly Cowboy
27. Agents: Agents hyökkää

cd 2 • 1983–1990

1. The Rhythm Wheel Combo: Ruth Started Rockin’
2. The Bird Dogs: Glendora
3. The Ballroomers: Bonfire
4. Big Pete’s Bolt: Mexicali Baby
5. Mystery Train: Have A Heart
6. The Bop Cats: Skiffleboard Blues
7. The Fleabrain: Milkshake Mademoiselle
8. Nightriders: Rebound
9. The Butterfingers: That’s The Way I Feel
10. The Dell-Tones: Shame On You
11. Stringbeans: Stomp & Climb The Walls
12. Muleskinners: Truckin’ Down The Avenue
13. Hal Peters And His Trio: Doggone It
14. Bull’s Eye: Don’t You Whiplash Me Baby
15. Blue Session: You Regret It
16. The Deathrow: Love’s Not Fair
17. Therapy’s: I Wonder
18. Melrose: Nickel & Dime
19. The Jokers: Three Time Loser
20. Housewreckers: Ice Cold
21. Francine: Shake My Bones
22. Whistle Bait: Honeysuckle Jump
23. The Rhythm Hogs: Yes, I’m Gonna Tell
24. Blast From The Past: Oh Get Out Of The Car
25. Red Davis & The Typhoons: Shout Sister Shout
26. Lester Peabody: Caravan

cd 3 • 1991–2000

1. Hearthill: Rockabilly Guy
2. Max & The Crooners: What’s Going On?
3. Stringbeans: Let’s Make A Deal
4. The Barnshakers: Wildest Sound On Earth
5. Jussi Raittinen & Hal Peters & His Trio: Long Black Train
6. Big Bertha & The Bulldozers: Sombrero
7. The Silver Bullets: New Shade Of Blue
8. Rollovers: Dream Lover
9. Pete Lou’s Combo: Mad About You Baby
10. Pääesiintyjät: Narttu
11. Mr. Breathless: Big Blon’ Baby
12. Nine Lives: Shake It Up’n’Go
13. Stuck Up’s: Images
14. Less Misfits: The End Is Coming Soon
15. Slap Sally Combo: Morse Code
16. The Flatmates: Cat With 9 Lives
17. Buck Jones & His Rhythm Riders: I’m Gonna Rock Your Brains Out
18. The Slippers: Hurricane
19. Hillybilly Combo: Sinful Woman
20. Francine: Downtown
21. Mary Celeste: But The One Will Stay
22. Moonshiner: King Leer
23. Whistle Bait: Four Aces And A Joker
24. Hullu Kissa & Hurmaavat Kimalaiset: Ellen kohta kaljaa saa
25. Ellis & Angry Teens: Teenage Rockabilly Alcoholic

cd 4 • 2001–2009

1. The Barnshakers: Two-Gun Daddy
2. Flatbroke Trio: Liquer Lullaby
3. Jussi Syren Rockabilly Revival: Hank’s Nightmare
4. Whistle Bait: Love Machine
5. Dr. Snout & His Hogs Of Rhythm: I’m Lost Without You
6. Roadracers: No Fool
7. The Beetle Crushers: Hoodoo Stomp
8. Cosh Boys: Real Bad Boy
9. Rockin’ Paradox: Showtime 01.00 am
10. B. Cupp & The Fill-Ups: Hip Cat
11. Mike Bell & The Belltones: Let’s Rock Tonight
12. Happotedit: Mun pikkusiskolla on brittipyörä
13. Cast Iron Arms: Lordy Hoody
14. Red Hot: Take Me Home
15. Rebound: License To Love
16. Tokela & Hoedown: Three Steps To Heaven
17. The Wagtails: James
18. The Hel-Gators: The Curse
19. T-Bird Gang: I Smell A Rat
20. Sweet Jeena & Her Sweethearts: Rock’n’Roll Picnic
21. The Munsons: Go With the Flow
22. rockin’ 8-BALLS: Freight Train Boogie
23. Hi-Fly Rangers: Cry Me A River
24. C.Rown & His Coronets: Sexy Ways
25. Rave On: True
26. Hal Peters Trio: Money Bag Woman
27. Teddy Guitar & Cast Iron Arms: Ghost Rambler

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