V/A : Radio Vietnam

V/A: Radio Vietnam

Radio Vietnam


Sublime Frequencies
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Viimeisin osa Sublime Frequenciesin mahtavaa Radio-sarjaa!

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  • Hakaniemi, HKI 1

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This disc continues the Sublime Frequencies locale-specific radio collage series with Vietnamese radio recordings culled and assembled from signals received in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City between December 2013 and November 2014. Inside the 70-minute program are moments of outstanding folkloric, traditional, and pop music, including performances on the electric guitar and the dan bau (a one-stringed guitar-like instrument), eclectic Vietnamese folk and rock stylings, dramatic effects-laden radio theater and musical segues, new wave pop forays, traditional percussion and vocal chants, news segments, dynamic radio bumpers, jingles and advertisements, comedic interludes, phoned-in karaoke sing-a-longs, English-language programming, early-morning exercise regimens, and coded messages from the outer ether. The grand total sum of these radio recordings doesn’t aim to present a certified ethnographic study of contemporary Vietnam. Rather, the material here aims to distill and replicate the excitement, engagement, and discovery gained during heavy exposure to Vietnamese broadcasts over an eleven-month period during the teenage years of the twenty-first century. CD comes in a beautiful digipak with full color images, a booklet, and liner notes by Mark Gergis, who recorded, compiled, sequenced, and produced the project for Sublime Frequencies on location in Vietnam.
1 Induction Temperature 5:02
2 Home Village Identity Event 5:50
3 Morning Exercise In The Coded Ether 5:29
4 America Lost The Vietnam War 6:55
5 Medium Wave Youth Choral And String 5:48
6 Hit Zones 5:18
7 Population Control and the Origins of the Legend of Cam Huong 5:59
8 Message to the Age of Twenty 7:19
9 Mun Mun ― Doctor of Ethnicities 5:36
10 Phát Sóng Tổng Hợp 5:49
11 Triumph and Folklore in the Year of the Horse 6:55
12 Xin Chao Immortal 5:16

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