V/A : Punk: The Worst Of Total Anarchy

V/A: Punk: The Worst Of Total Anarchy

Punk: The Worst Of Total Anarchy


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  • Hakaniemi, HKI 1

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Sex Pistols Anarchy In The U.K. 3:31
–Sham 69 Hersham Boys (Live) 3:06
–Red Hot Chili Peppers Catholic School Girls Rule 1:55
–Plasmatics (2) Butcher Baby 3:33
–Generation X (4) King Rocker 2:16
–The Adverts Gary Gilmore’s Eyes (Live) 2:41
–Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love 2:41
–Stiff Little Fingers Nobody’s Hero 4:13
–Bow Wow Wow C30, C60, C90, Go 3:00
–999 Nasty Nasty 2:02
–The Heartbreakers (2) Born To Lose (Live) 2:38
–The Ruts Babylon’s Burning 2:34
–G.B.H. No Survivors 2:20
–The Lurkers Heroin It’s All Over 2:41
–No Dice Come Dancing 6:23
–Sid Vicious My Way 3:50
–The Stranglers No More Heroes 3:28
–Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster 2:42
–Sham 69 If The Kids Are United (Live) 3:16
–Cockney Rejects I’m Not A Fool 3:44
–The Damned Love Song (Live) 2:10
–Public Image Limited This Is Not A Love Song 4:13
–Buzzcocks Time’s Up 3:05
–UK Subs Stranglehold 2:27
–Wire Outdoor Miner 2:48
–Tenpole Tudor Wunderbar 2:57
–The Dickies Banana Splits (Tra La La Song) (Live) 1:46
–999 Feeling Alright With The Crew 3:32
–The Ruts Something That I Said 3:53
–X-Ray Spex Germfree Adolescents 3:10
–The Vapors Turning Japanese 3:44
–Ramones Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Live) 1:37
–Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Up And Jump 2:50
–Sex Pistols God Save The Queen 3:18
–Buzzcocks Love You More 1:48
–The Members The Sound Of The Suburbs 3:53
–999 Homicide 3:42
–Ramones Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Live) 1:49
–The Stranglers Something Better Change 3:35
–Discharge Never Again 2:19
–UK Subs Warhead 3:05
–Vice Squad Stand Strong, Stand Proud 3:14
–Plasmatics (2) Tight Black Pants 1:47
–Cockney Rejects Badman 2:39
–No Dice Why Sugar 3:49
–X-Ray Spex The Day The World Turned To Day-Glo 2:50
–Angelic Upstarts Kids On The Street 2:16
–The Adverts No Time To Be 21 (Live) 2:35

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