Uriah Heep : Choices

Uriah Heep: Choices


Uriah Heep

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Limited edition 6cd Box Set. A new six-CD collection of Uriah Heep hits and ‘deep cuts’ from across the band’s fifty-year career

Toimitusaika n. 5-10 arkipäivää.

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CD 1 – Ken Hensley Paradise The Spell Weep In Silence Rain Circle Of Hands July Morning The Park Echoes In The Dark Misty Eyes Fallen Angel The Easy Road Falling In Love Sunrise Sweet Freedom CD 2 – Lee Kerslake July Morning The Magician’s Birthday Traveller In Time Sweet Lorraine Circus Rainbow Demon Come Back To Me Shady Lady All My Life The Other Side Of Midnight Who Needs Me That’s The Way That It Is Free Me Stealin’ CD 3 – Mick Box The Park Tears In My Eyes Sweet Lorraine Circus Free N’ Easy Woman Of The Night Hot Persuasion The Other Side Of Midnight Straight Through The Heart Cross That Line Love In Silence What Kind Of God Trail Of Diamonds The Outsider Falling Under Your Spell CD 4 – Paul Newton Lady In Black Tales Easy Livin’ Tears In My Eyes If I Had The Time Real Turned On Come Away Melinda What Should Be Done Why (Alternate Version) Sympathy Free N’ Easy I’m Alive One Minute Grazed By Heaven CD 5 – Phil Lanzon A Year Or A Day The Magician’s Birthday Wonderworld Circus Bad Bad Man Question Between Two Worlds Voice On My TV Universal Wheels Waters Flowin’ CD 6 – Bernie Shaw July Morning What Kind Of God Mistress Of All Time Wise Man One Minute Corridors Of Madness Tales Take Away My Soul Heaven’s Pain Heartless Land

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