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Sudden Death

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  • Sudden Death : All or Nothing
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    Sudden Death : All or Nothing

    Again, the underground and also the collectors scene knows the fantastic German Metal album "All Or Nothing" from the Berlin based band SUDDEN DEATH. Produced by Harris Johns in 1986/1987, still some fans think it was released on Noise Records. Truth is that "All Or Nothing" is one of the best self-released metalalbums of the eighties from Germany! They just were a little too late with their traditional style in 1987, when speed/thrash was as a big thing as the more commercial US-hardrock that influenced many German bands back then. The CD contains, beside a 20 page booklet, everything the band ever recorded. Beside the album (remastered!) you will find a HQ-livetrack from 1986 (Loaded Brain), the lost demotape from 1986 (also produced by Harris Johns, three tracks) and another three songs by the follow-up-band Wolfpack. With all that we were able again to add "Ultimate Edition" here.

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    Golden Core
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