Soundtrack / Hedlund, Rasmus : Eastern Memories

Soundtrack: Eastern Memories

Eastern Memories

Soundtrack / Hedlund, Rasmus

Hillstream Pictures
LP 21,95 €

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  • Hakaniemi, HKI 4

Voit myös tilata tämän tuotteen noudettavaksi lähimmästä Levykauppa Äxästä. Tämä tapahtuu siirtämällä tuote ostoskoriin ja valitsemalla kassalla tilauksen nouto kaupalta.


Eastern Memories is a documentary film that takes us on a journey to a bygone world and to the transitory times of today’s Far East. This age old world of beliefs and traditions is replaced by entertainment and market economy. In the middle of this shift we find a Finnish linguist who leads us trough history, becoming our witness of the past and the interpreter of today.

Eastern Memories is directed by Niklas Kullström & Martti Kaartinen

Soundtrack is composed and arranged by Rasmus Hedlund

A1 The Land Owns The Man
A2 Enter The Spirit World
A3 Only The Generations Had Changed
A4 Part Of The Human Soul
A5 Into The Darkness
A6 The Fortune Teller
A7 Gobi Desert
B1 Lights Of The Megapolis
B2 City Of Constant Change
B3 Fuji-San
B4 Fall Of Dynasties
B5 Everything As It Should Be
B6 Eastern Memories

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