Shaw, Marlena : Sweet beginnigns

Shaw, Marlena: Sweet beginnigns

Sweet beginnigns

Shaw, Marlena

Music on Vinyl
LP 23,99 €


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Side A
1. Pictures and Memories 2. Yu-Ma 3. Go Away Little Boy 4. The Writing’s On The Wall 5. Walk Softly

Side B
1. Sweet Beginnings 2. Look At Me, Look At You 3. (We’re Flying) 4. No Deposit, No Return 5. Johnny 6. I Think I’ll Tell Him

In 1977, Soul singer Marlena Shaw released Sweet Beginnings that contained, arguably, Shaw’s finest moment: “Yu Ma” and “Go Away Little Boy”, a medley containing the old Goffin and Carole King standard, originally recorded by Nancy Wilson. The album also contains the track “Look At Me, Look At You”, popular on the U.K. rare groove scene.
Sweet Beginnings finds her challenged, taking on many styles and in amazing voice. Again she teamed with producer Bert DeCoteaux. The album is one of those efforts that picked up momentum as it went along. The title track is effortless. In the middle of R&B and disco, it more than shows off her assured and sensual vocals.
Perhaps the best part of Sweet Beginnings is how Shaw’s charisma takes over and the lyrics were almost secondary. This is one of Shaw’s most enduring albums.

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