Redding, Otis : The Otis Redding Story

Redding, Otis: The Otis Redding Story

The Otis Redding Story

Redding, Otis

GER Atlantic
781 762-1
Käytetty 4lp 50,00 €

Neljän levyn kokoelmaboksi. Vihko mukana. Pientä kulumaa kansissa. Levyt EX-.

GER Atlantic - 781 762-1 - 1987

Tuotetta hyllyssä seuraavissa kaupoissa, toimitus heti

  • Hakaniemi, HKI 1

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A1 These Arms Of Mine 2:30
A2 That’s What My Heart Needs 2:35
A3 Mary’s Little Lamb 2:33
A4 Pain In My Heart 2:22
A5 Something Is Worrying Me 2:25
A6 Security 2:33
A7 Come To Me 2:38
B1 Your One And Only Man 2:48
B2 Chained & Bound 2:30
B3 That’s How Strong My Love Is 2:24
B4 Mr. Pitiful 2:26
B5 Keep Your Arms Around Me 2:46
B6 For Your Precious Love 2:49
B7 Woman, A Lover, A Friend 3:18
B8 Home In Your Heart 2:10
C1 I’ve Been Loving You Too Long 3:10
C2 A Change Is Gonna Come 4:17
C3 Shake 2:35
C4 Rock Me Baby 3:20
C5 Respect 2:05
C6 You Don’t Miss Your Water 2:53
C7 Satisfaction 2:45
D1 Ole Man Trouble 2:36
D2 Down In The Valley 3:02
D3 I Can’t Turn You Loose 2:35
D4 Just One More Day 2:55
D5 Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag 2:32
D6 Good To Me 3:45
D7 Cigarettes And Coffee 4:00
E1 Chain Gang 2:58
E2 My Lover’s Prayer 3:00
E3 It’s Growing 2:40
E4 Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) 2:37
E5 I’m Sick Y’all 2:52
E6 Sweet Lorene 2:25
E7 Try A Little Tenderness 3:45
E8 Day Tripper 2:35
F1 Ton Of Joy 2:50
F2 Hawg For You 3:25
F3 Tramp 3:00
F4 Knock On Wood 2:48
F5 Lovey Dovey 2:33
F6 New Year’s Resolution 3:14
F7 Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis 2:32
G1 Stay In School 1:10
G2 You Left The Water Running 2:20
G3 The Happy Song (Dum-Dum-De-De-Dum-Dum) 2:40
G4 Hard To Handle 2:18
G5 Amen 3:20
G6 I’ve Got Dreams To Remember 3:10
G7 Champagne And Wine 2:49
G8 Direct Me 2:18
H1 Merry Christmas Baby 2:30
H2 White Christmas 3:06
H3 Love Man 2:17
H4 Free Me 3:06
H5 Look At That Girl 2:36
H6 The Match Game 2:22
H7 Tell The Truth 4:03
H8 (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay 2:38

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