Penny, Hank : Rompin' Stompin' Singin' Swingin'

Penny, Hank: Rompin' Stompin' Singin' Swingin'

Rompin' Stompin' Singin' Swingin'

Penny, Hank

GER Bear Family Records
BFX 15102
Käytetty LP
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GER Bear Family Records - BFX 15102 - 1983


A1 Catch ‘Em Young, Treat ‘Em Rough, Tell ‘Em Nothin’ 2:14
A2 What She’s Got Is Mine 2:21
A3 White Shotguns 2:00
A4 I Like Molasses 2:24
A5 I Want My Rib 2:14
A6 Hold The Phone 2:22
A7 No Muss, No Fuss, No Bother 2:27
A8 Taxes, Taxes 2:47
B1 You’re Bound To Look Like A Monkey 2:15
B2 (Won’t You Ride In) My Little Red Wagon 2:24
B3 Hadacillin Boogie 2:20
B4 Fan It (& Jaye P. Morgan) 2:33
B5 You Can’t Pull The Wool Over My Eyes 2:20
B6 That’s My Weakness Now (& Jaye P. Morgan) 2:15
B7 The Mink On Her Back 2:17
B8 You Played On My Piano (& Jaye P. Morgan)

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