King, B.B. : Mr. B.B. King

King, B.B.: Mr. B.B. King

Mr. B.B. King

King, B.B.

4CD 51,99 €

Toimitusaika n. 3-10 arkipäivää.

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CD 1 1 miss martha king 2 when your baby packs up and goes 3 b.b. boogie 4 she’s dynamite 5 3 o’clock blues 6 woke up this morning (my baby she was gone) 7 blind love 8 when my heart beats like a hammer 9 you upset me, baby -1954 version 10 ten long years 11 bad luck 12 troubles, troubles, troubles 13 early in the morning 14 everyday i have the blues 15 (i’ve) got a right to love my baby 16 it’s my own fault 17 walking dr. bill 18 rock me baby 19 you ask me -album version 20 blues at midnight -single version 21 sneakin’ around 22 how blue can you get? -single version 23 i wonder why -first version 24 please accept my love 25 help the poor -single version 26 never trust a woman -single version

CD 2 1 sweet little angel -1964/live at the regal theatre 2 please love me -1964/live at the regal theatre, ch 3 all over again -single version 4 tired of your jive -single version 5 cherry red -album version 6 don’t answer the door -album version 7 night life -single version 8 gambler’s blues -live at the international club, c 9 sweet sixteen, parts 1 & 2 -1966/live at the i 10 worried dream 11 paying the cost to be the boss -album version 12 watch yourself -album version 13 lucille -album version 14 why i sing the blues -album version 15 confessin’ the blues -album version 16 the thrill is gone

CD 3 1 nobody loves me but my mother -album version 2 chains and things -single version 3 hummingbird -album version 4 worry, worry -1970/live in cook county jail 5 ghetto woman -single version 6 ain’t nobody home -single version 7 guess who 8 i like to live the love -single version 9 lucille talks back -album version 10 don’t make me pay for his mistakes -album version 11 let the good times roll -live at coconut grove/sin 12 mother fuyer -album version 13 when it all comes down (i’ll still be around) -alb 14 better not look down -single version 15 there must be a better world somewhere -album vers 16 nightlife / please send me someone to love 17 make love to me -album version

CD 4 1 into the night -into the night/soundtrack version 2 when love comes to town -album version 3 take off your shoes -album version 4 i’m moving on -album version 5 there is always one more time -album version 6 monday morning blues (blues for mr. g.) 7 playin’ with my friends -album version 8 confessin’ the blues -album version 9 blues man -album version 10 i’ll survive -album version 11 caldonia -album version 12 ain’t that just like a woman -album version 13 monday woman -album version 14 ten long years 15 early in the morning 16 key to the highway -2006/live in tennessee 17 see that my grave is kept clean

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