Castor, Jimmy : It's Just Begun

Castor, Jimmy: It's Just Begun

It's Just Begun

Castor, Jimmy

Music on Vinyl
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Side A
1. Creation (Prologue) 2. It’s Just Begun 3. Troglodyte (Cave Man) 4. You Better Be Good (Or The Devil Gon’ Getcha) 5. Psyche

Side B
1. L.T.D. (Life, Truth & Death) 2. My Brightest Day 3. Bad 4. I Promise To Remember 5. Creations (Epilogue)

James Walter “Jimmy” Castor was an American pop and funk musician. He is best known as a fun energetic disco, funk saxophonist, with his biggest hit singles “Troglodyte (Cave Man)” and “It’s Just Begun”.
Originally released in 1972, It’s Just Begun set the tone for The Jimmy Castor Bunch’s success through an effective and distinctive mix of funk, pop hooks, social commentary, and gonzo comedy. The album also helped the group score a million-selling crossover hit single with “Troglodyte”. In the United States the track peaked at #6 in the Billboard Hot 100. It was a million seller by June 1972 and received a gold disc award from the RIAA. Recently the hit “It’s Just Begun” was featured in the HBO® television series Vinyl. It has also been sampled by bands and solo artists throughout history. But “Troglodyte (Cave Man)” was the most extensively used track, mainly due to it spoken word intro “What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time…”. It has been heavily sampled (over 85 times!) in hiphop music and dance/pop music by a diverse group of artists from N.W.A. for “Gangsta Gangsta” to “Back In The Day” by Christina Aguilera.
All-in-all It’s Just Begun is an outstanding album with a unique sound making up a coherent funk and soul album and a must have for every fan of this genre.

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