Baby Huey : Living legend

Baby Huey: Living legend

Living legend

Baby Huey

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Side A
1. Listen To Me 2. Mama Get Yourself Together 3. A Change Is Going To Come

Side B
1. Mighty, Mighty 2. Hard Times 3. California Dreamin’ 4. Running 5. One Dragon Two Dragon

Legendary Soul singer Baby Huey was graced with a stunning, fierce voice on par with Otis Redding and Howard Tate, wailing and howling one moment and oddly tender and sentimental the next. The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend is his only album, released in 1971 postmortem by his manager Marv Heinman and Curtis Mayfield (who also has writing credits for “Mighty, Mighty”, “Running” and “Hard Times”).
While Baby Huey was in the midst of recording tracks for his debut album, he died as a result of a heart attack in 1970. Heinman and Mayfield took what had already been recorded, added some instrumental tracks that had been recorded previously and managed to gather up enough for the album’s release.
A quarter century after its release, The Baby Huey Story went on to become a cult classic among Soul musicians and Hip Hop fans. Its single “Hard Times” in particular has been sampled many times, by artists such as Ice Cube, A Tribe Called Quest, and Ghostface Killah, and was covered by John Legend & The Roots in 2010 for the album Wake Up!

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