Airbag : Identity

Airbag: Identity



Karisma Records
CD 15,99 €

Toimitusaika n. 2-3 viikkoa.

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Airbag release their debut album on Karisma Records 2009. The album called Identity comprises 8 songs with Airbag’s unique sound of classic prog rock blended with scenic soundscapes, epic guitars and soulful vocals – as legendary Classic Rock Magazine said: “prog at its most chilled, honeyed and soothing”. The five-piece band from Oslo Norway has been playing together in various constellations for years but Airbag in its present form was born in 2005. Airbag has managed to create their own unique sound with elements of classic rock, prog rock, chill and jazz. Their music is influenced by artist from a wide range of genres, from Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree to Talk Talk, Radiohead and A-Ha. Airbag has managed to create a loyal fans base from all over the world using the internet and their homepage as their main channel to reach an audience. With 200.000 downloads on their website, 35.000 plays on MySpace and raving reviews from all over the world, Airbag is a force to be recogned with

1. Prelude
2. No Escape
3. Safe Like You
4. Steal My Soul
5. Feeling Less
6. Colours
7. How I Wanna Be
8. Sounds That I Hear

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